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Last wipe - July 24

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Welcome to 'Ark the way it should be 10x-6 man' PS4 unofficial servers! Be sure to register to use the shop, post on the forums, and follow the latest news and events! 



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Season 20




Breaking any of the following will result in a permanent BAN without warning. To avoid this from happening, please follow ALL rules. You have been warned.

1. Insta-ban will be given for any type of hacking / cheating / exploiting.

2. Do not spam any public chats such as in-game global chat or Discord. 

3. NO racism, sexism, abuse or harassment of any sort. This includes character, dino, and tribe names.

4a. Do NOT block access to public places with buildings, turrets, or dinos. Public places include:

      - Player spawn points
      - Obelisks 
      - Drops and Explorer notes are NOT protected spaces so long as your base is there
      - Entrances/exits to any bosses - lava golem rag, extinction titan terminals etc. 
      - Aberration surface entrances (blocks obelisks)
      - Aberration zone entrances on Val and the 4 banned artifact caves listed below

4b. Banned Artifact caves considered public access places. Any other artifact caves not mentioned herein are fair game. 
      - North large ice cave (Island)
      - North ice cave (Center) 
      - Lava pearl cave (Center)

      - Underwater hidden grotto cave (Aberration)



5. You cannot place random turrets anywhere other than at your base. This will get you structure wiped if reported. The only exclusion is a FOB for raiding. A FOB is a "Forward Operating Base," and can be guarded with turrets, but you must clean up when you're finished. 

6. Aberration - NO fliers allowed on Ab. Aberration is ab dinos only for season 20 with the exclusion of Gas Bags. Gas Bags are allowed.  


7. No imprisoning, caging or knocking players out for long periods of time (30m+). 

8. Tribe limit is 6. Cycling out players to bypass this rule is strictly forbidden. 

9. Server has NO alliances. Ignoring this, and teaming with other tribes for PvP is NOT allowed. 

10. Ratholes that require grappling or knocking out are BANNED. All other ratholes are build-able at your own risk. 

11. ALL structures must be visible and able to be damaged! This does not include sinking or hiding accessories such as cables inside your own structures such as walls and foundations, but intentionally burying them into inaccessible terrain and world mesh is not permitted. 

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