For assistance please contact our support team via Discord @

                                      How to submit a ticket

Join the Discord Server

Locate the #help channel
Use one of the following commands to ensure your issue, as well as everyone else's, gets handled in the appropriate order by priority. 
Commands must begin with - (hyphen)
     -new help      This is for most general help issues
     -new report   Use this command for reporting others
     -new urgent   For urgent issues ONLY. Urgent issues are major glitches, stuck or lost character, tribe glitches, or things hindering you from playing whatsoever. If you create a ticket under urgent, and we deem it not to be, your ticket may be closed or disregarded, without notice.

After the ticket has been created, locate it at the very top of your category panel to the left-side of discord. Then, once inside the ticket, go ahead and provide any and all information you have pertaining to the issue. This may include screenshots, proof, psn and tribe information, map and server info. The less questions we have to ask when we get to your ticket, the faster we can help you, and everyone else after you.

Our support team will follow up with you as quickly as possible. Thank you for being a part of Ark the way it should be!

Discord available on all devices!

How the shop works

After you have selected your items and ready to proceed to checkout, you will be directed over to PayPal where you will complete your transaction. This site handles no financial information for yours and our security both. 

IMPORTANT! Be sure the email address of your PayPal account is accurate. 

You will be notified via email once the order is complete. If you experience any issues, please reach out to us via the help page above.     

Thank you for supporting 'Ark the way it should be!'

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