About Rewards

Every donation comes with a reward.  By using our SHOP feature, you are helping us cover server costs to sustain and maintain this community.  We are constantly hard at work to bring you updated and improved servers as well as customer service and support.

Reward Type

We offer rewards for donations of all sizes.  We offer Dinos, Founder Packs, boss packs, , Artifacts, trophies and more!  Check out the SHOP above to see what we have in store for you!​


Why Become a Founder?

We all know the hardest part of beginning a server, is getting started.  A founder pack will help give you a jump-start to catch up to existing players on the server who settled here before you.  Our servers are very long term running servers that have been around and growing since 2017.  By showing your support, you can take pride in knowing you help make these servers possible.  You will also be able to rest assured there will be the necessary funding available to ensure they stick around for more years to come! 

How the shop works

After you have filled out all required information and you are ready to proceed to checkout, you will be directed over to PayPal where you will complete your transaction.  This site handles no financial information for yours and our security both. 

IMPORTANT!  Be sure the email address of your PayPal is accurate. 

Once the transaction is complete, we will email you within 24 hours to schedule a delivery time. 

Thank you for supporting 'Ark the way it should be!'


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